The Reality of Cat Breeders in India

sad and thin kitten

The pet market is an ever-growing market in India and is swamped by pet stores, animal shelters, pet breeders, etc. Many Indians are plagued with the thought of owning only pedigree cats/pure-bred cats for their physical appearance. This demand for pedigree cats has offered itself as a business opportunity for most, which has led to the growth of numerous illegal cat breeders.

Since the pet owners will be willing to pay a hefty price for purebreds, which are usually expensive, the illegal markets have been thriving on profits. This Indian pet market is an unregulated and unorganized sector. Hence, pet animals’ lives have always been at risk.

Let us dig deeper into what goes on in the world of cat breeding!


Who Are Cat Breeders?

Ethical cat breeders are those who are licensed to perform the procedure of breeding cats by carefully selecting cat breeds after studying and researching about them and is done not-for-profit.


Is Cat Breeding Ethical?

Yes, cat-breeding can be ethical, but only if it is performed by a licensed breeder for research purposes. An ethical breeder will have the sole intention of improving the breed rather than profiting from it.

Illegal breeding takes place when pure-bred/pedigree cats are forced to breed in very dire situations, which results in a plethora of health problems. Illegal cat breeding is done to get the desired physical appearance of a pedigree cat, and not for the betterment of the cat or the breed.


Why Should Cat Breeding Be Stopped?

As mentioned before, not everyone can do cat-breeding, as it requires proper knowledge and education about the genetics of each cat breed and their breeding history as well.


  • Not all purebred cats have the ability or possess the genes for further breeding, as there are only a few of them
  • An illegal cat-breeder will not pay heed to any of these conditions, and will only result in endangering the cats’ lives
  • They end up developing severe health problems, which may even cost their lives
  •  It is termed “backyard-breeding” as most of these purebred cats would have been kidnapped from their homes, tied together for days until they breed kittens, which will then get sold in the markets for a hefty price


Cats in Cages

The cats that are force bred by the illegal cat breeders are subjected to harsh and dire conditions.

The illegal cat breeders will make use of cages to lock-in the cats, and prevent them from escaping the breeding. It will induce the cats into a stage of fear and stressfulness, which will take a severe toll on them physically and mentally.

These cats often spend their lives living in severely unhygienic conditions, surrounded by faeces and insects, which will result in the development of new health conditions.


Harsh Reality of Profit-Making Cat Breeders

Illegal breeding is practised with very little preparation and precautions.

The cats which are illegally bred later suffer from various health conditions later on – congenital eye and defected hips, parasites, and even Parvovirus. Upon discovering their conditions, most cats will end up getting abandoned or deserted and will be in constant search of a home. There are even worse situations, where they fall prey to their health conditions and might die if they don’t receive proper health care and treatment.


Malnourishment in Cats

The cats used for illegal breeding will often be malnourished as their needs and wants will not be taken care of. Their sole purpose will be to breed kittens, with the desired physical appearance, which will boost the illegal breeders’ business. There will be the absence of healthcare, proper diet, and sometimes the cats will have no other option but to to eat their faeces due to lack of maintenance, nutrients and food.


Precautions to Staw Away from Such Cat Breeders

While some require precautions from the cat-owners/customers’ sider, others require the joint efforts of the society and the breeders, as well. Here are some ways which could be considered useful in stopping illegal cat breeding:

  • By opting to adopt rather than buying these cats, the market for these illegal cat breeders can be diminished, to a great deal. As usual, purebred/pedigree cats can’t be found in animal shelters for adoption, which boosts the sales margin for the illegal cat breeders who feed on peoples’ want for purebreds.
  • The spaying or neutering of pet cats will sterilize them and reduce the chances of reproduction. Once the cats have been sterilized, the illegal cat-breeders can not force them to breed.


Why Should You Adopt?

It is crucial to make responsible and conscious decisions when it comes to animals’ lives. The animals deserve a second chance at life, and adoption also reduces the business for illegal cat breeders. Hence, adopting cats and kittens from animal shelters is recommended.

Moreover, when you opt to adopt, you are more likely to find a cat that is well-suited and adapted to the environment you are currently living it. Hence, the health risks are greatly minimized.



By setting a trend of adopting kittens and cats, these pets will be benefited immensely. The sad reality of cat breeders, with ulterior motives, can be put to an end with the joint efforts of the people.

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