What You Can Do?

Do you want to bring about a positive change in the lives of our voiceless friends? Here’s a great opportunity to show your compassion and love. Choose the one that suits you best.


Fostering can be a rewarding experience, and can transform a homeless animal’s life in a big way. You can help raise and care for homeless pets and shower them with love and affection until the little bundles of joy find their forever homes. 

If you’re looking to foster an animal, kindly click on the link below that will take you to a for. Please fill in the form and we’ll get back to you  when there is an animal that suits your description.

Yes I can help with fostering


We’re always looking for extra pairs of hands to help us around. You can join our growing family of selfless and dedicated volunteers and help support our cause by sparing some time to care for a pet in need, including participating in adoption drives.  And need we say this could be a great opportunity to show your love to animals and give back to the community?

I would love to join the volunteer team

Feed the needy

Charity begins at home. A great way to do a good deed is to start with taking care of stray animals in your neighbourhood. Besides providing them with timely food and water, you can protect them during the monsoons, attend to them when you see a sick dog or get them treated when injured.  You can also take care of their vaccinations and speak up for them when you see them being ill-treated.

Donate & Support

A small contribution can go a long way. You can help support our mission and save a puppy or kitten by making a monetary donation that is within your reach. The funds received will be used for medical needs like vaccinations, sterilization or towards treatment during an injury.  Your donation can help scores of homeless cats and dogs in getting a better

You can also contribute in other ways. We are always in need of the following items: 

Food, Newspapers, Pens, Cages

Donate via Amazon Wishlist

At iAdopt, we rescue and rehabilitate several dogs and cats. Therefore, we constantly require food and other supplies to feed our animals. If you wish to contribute, then you can either donate money to us or send us a gift through the Amazon Wishlist. In the Amazon Wishlist, you will see the supplies that we are currently in need of. Simply add them to your cart and check out.