How to Take Care of Your Cat’s Mental Health?

ginger cat good mental health

Cats are often preferred because of the companionship they offer, which could cheer up the owners and help them with taking care of their mental health. Indeed, cats help with the mental health of the cat owners, but sometimes even the cats need help in return.

Cats are extremely social and friendly feline animals, who need attention and love constantly. When they are refused, they tend to sink into a stage where their mental health will be at its lowest point. Cats’ mental health must be prioritized just like how human beings prioritize theirs. This blog will guide you into developing an understanding of how to take care of a cat regarding their mental health, and give cat care tips that will serve to be beneficial in the longer run.

Here are a few ways of how you can take care of your cats’ mental health.


Refrain from Punishing the Cats

Cats tend to develop behavioural problems and act out of their usual self during their difficult phases. For instance, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) in cats will make them do obsessive grooming to the extent of skin irritation and shedding of fur, overeating and constant whining.

As a cat owner, punishing and disciplining them might seem like the most suitable and viable option. But cats are social animals who always crave praisings, hence punishing them will do more harm than good to their mental health. Help can be sought from medical professionals in this case or can be handled by training them and not resorting to punishment.


An Active Mind for an Active Body

An idle mind is a devil’s workshop’ applies to the pet animals as well, as they are very similar to how human beings feel. An active and social animal like cats needs to be in motion to satiate themselves.

It can be as simple as taking the cats out for a walk down the street or letting them play fetch, puzzles, etc. Cat trees are especially considered to be extremely useful in keeping the cats active, as it allows the cats to do all sorts of stunts without hurting themselves, and the best part is that they can be played indoors. The cat owners must put in the efforts to keep encouraging their cats to be active and buzzing with energy.


A Healthy Diet Plan

A properly planned diet, which can cater to the energy requirements for cats is essential to take care of their mental health. It is imperative to ensure that the cats get all the animal proteins and vitamins in their diet. Food enriched with Omega 6 and Omega 3 is usually suggested, but it is always better to consult a veterinary doctor before introducing anything new into their diet.

The veterinary doctors might suggest special pet food, by considering their mental health. A mentally ill cat will either find it hard to consume any food or develop a habit of overeating. Their diet must be planned with due consideration and thoughtfulness, as they will need a nutritious meal to keep them functioning throughout the day.


Introducing New and Challenging Toys or Games

Cats may get easily bored with playing the same games every day. They are very similar to humans, such as treating ourselves to something new and exciting once in a while, which will help us keep going and looking forward to more such moments. Hence, cats need to be entertained as well, to ensure they do not develop any mental illness. It can be done by introducing new toys or games into their playtime, like cat puzzles or a new stuffed toy. It will keep them excited, and playing challenging games like puzzles will help them stay concentrated and active.


Spending More Time with Cats

Cats constantly crave attention and companionship from the cat owners, and it is almost common for all cats. When they are deprived of this, they tend to feel lonely and less loved.

Hence, it becomes a matter of paramount importance for the cat owners to segregate time for their cats. By just simply cuddling with their cats, patting, or scratching their head will boost up the cats with positive energy.

The constant companionship and socializing will keep their spirits high and will help in stabilizing their mental health as well. A balance has to be maintained by allowing the cats to play and interact with other cats occasionally, and to also let them be on their own. Striking the perfect balance will enable the cats to never feel alone.


Stick to a Routine

Cats don’t take well to changes, a pattern has to be maintained to avoid any behavioural problems. Everything must be planned, including their eating time, playtime, and sleeping schedule. Once a routine is created, the cats will not face any dilemma or uncertainty which will help in avoiding any mental illness. The cat owners must make it a point to include at least an hour or two of playtime with their cats in the routine. The cats can be trained to follow this routine, which will make them more disciplined and avoid behavioural problems later on.


Patience for Newcomers

It is common for the new cats, especially kittens, to be struggling with their mental health, as they will be finding it hard to get used to the change in environment or a new environment. During those situations, cat owners might be faced with questions like how to take care of cats and kittens and how to take care of a cat for the first time.

The cat owners will just have to give them the space and time they need to get used to their surroundings. Make a pattern for their eating, sleeping, and playing time, so that they can get adjusted to it sooner. This way the cats’ mental health will become stable over the period as they will not be uncertain anymore.

Once the cat owners get the hang of it taking care of cats will not be considered a difficult job. For that, the cat owners must not hesitate from reaching out for professional and medical help for their cats. A veterinary doctor will possess more knowledge in these areas, and their diagnosis and medical treatment will help in stabilizing the cat’s mental health in the longer run. Most of the time, it’s not just medicines that are prescribed. Healthy practices and activities will also be recommended, hence the cat owners need not be worried about putting their cats under medication/treatment.

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