About iAdopt

iAdopt is a non-profit organization started by a small group of animal lovers in Chennai, who have had enough of seeing innocent animals struggle for their lives.

We help animals in distress (orphaned, injured or abandoned) and find loving homes that treat them like family.

What We Do

iAdopt’s primary mission is to find forever loving families and homes for animals in need.

We home/rehome orphaned, abandoned, homeless cats & dogs from the streets after providing them with state-of-the-art private medical care to ensure a hassle-free experience and life for the adopters as well as the pet.

In Addition

We get community street dogs sterilized to keep the population in check

Educate adopter families on the importance of sterilization

Feed stray dogs in the neighbouring areas

Regularly follow-up with adopters to ensure the well-being of the pet adopted from iAdopt

Treat injured animals and release them back into their territories. If we they cannot survive on their own, we get them adopted.

Facilitate rehoming and adoption of animals in areas of low adoption rates/chances

iAdopt’s  team has independently homed 700+ Pups, Kittens and Dogs in the last 4 years, including several blind/deaf kittens and handicapped dogs.  We also closely work with other pet adoption groups to help them with their adoption activities.

What Do We Get Out of This?

A heart filled with content for being born as a “Human Being”! Pure joy and happiness! No words can express the satisfaction and contentment we get when a pet gets adopted and grows with the family with love and care!