About iAdopt

iAdopt, an voluntary organization started and run by a handful of like-minded individuals who love pets. Our main is to help a pet in distress and find a responsible and loving home that will take care of them like their own family!

What is Fostering?

Fosters care for a rescued pup/cat for a specified duration till an adoptive home is found!

Foster families make sure that the dogs and cats have plenty of love, food and a safe place to stay until they get adopted.

Fostering helps every dog/cat gain the basic skills needed to be the best possible companion for his/her future family.

The rescuer will be with you every step of the way, communicate with them.

As a foster, you get naming rights to your foster pet!

Fosters learn all about their foster dog’s likes and dislikes, preferences, personalities, and quirks and of course, click tons of candid pictures!

Do I need to spend much to foster a dog/cat?

No, mostly food and other resources like cat litter will be provided by the rescuer. You just have to spend your love on them!

But we do appreciate it if you can take care of the food/anything else!

How do I know if I’m ready to foster puppies or kittens?

If you are a student or you are working, you can foster a pair of kittens as they can be left alone for a considerable amount of time with food and clean water.

If you are a stay-at-home foster parent or have a member of the family who stays at home, you can foster a dog/a pup as they mostly need someone around at all times. But you can even opt for a cat/kitten if you are a cat-person.

Make your house puppy proof before fostering. This means not leaving around wires/sharp objects.

What are the benefits
of Fostering?

People who want to adopt a pet but are not sure of thecommitment that adopting a life carries, fostering canbe a good trial to see if you can adopt!

Some may want to experience the joys of a companionanimal in the home, but are not ready for the long-term commitment of adoption.
Foster Volunteers receive unconditional love and companionship from foster animals.

Fostering can be a welcome relief for the pups and kittens from the harsh conditions that they are rescued from.

How long can I foster a dog/cat?

We prefer that you foster the foster kid until an adoptive home is found.

Pups foster duration is usually about 2-4 weeks as we work on getting them adopted as soon as possible!

I already have my own dog/ cat. Can I still foster?

Of course. The pups we rescue will get a health check-up & vaccinations donebefore being assigned to a foster home so you do not have to worry about health risks to your current pet.

What should I know before I foster a pup/a kitten for the first time?

Remember they are just like human babies. They wake up at night-and have to be fed even at nights so your sleep schedule will be compromised till the pup settles in.

Puppies do not come potty-trained. They will have to be trained to go on clothes or newspapers as they do not have control over their bladders! A few accidents do happen so be prepared for that. However, kittens can be potty trained easily.

Kittens are easily distressed so fostering them in pairs helps keep them stimulated and calm.

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