Did You Know About National Puppy Day?

The National Puppy Day is celebrated on the 23rd of March every year, to appreciate and acknowledge the love shared between the puppies and the humans. The day celebrates the existence of the loving puppies, who have brightened up this world with their love and their never-ending affection.

Dog lovers from all across the globe take this as an opportunity to shower their appreciation and gratefulness for their puppies for being loyal companions in all of their lives. They spend the entire day with their dogs, playing with them and giving them all the attention and love they deserve. Some pet owners go that extra mile by treating their cats to special things like their favourite dog treats, a spa day, etc. But beyond this celebration, national puppy day is also used as a vehicle to carry a serious message to the people out there. It is to encourage people into adopting puppies from animal shelters and spread awareness about the still existing puppy mills.

By reading this blog, you are contributing directly or indirectly to the welfare of our lovely dogs.


What Are Puppy Mills?

Puppy mills are facilities established for force breeding puppies and making profits out of them. The puppies will be brought up in inhumane conditions, there will be little to no ventilation and an extremely unhygienic environment, to the point where the puppies will be forced to live among their faeces. This unethical breeding is performed to get the desired physical appearance of a pedigree dog, as that is what most people prefer and are willing to spend money out of their pocket.

Through this profit-minded motive, the unethical breeders don’t care enough to see if the genes of both dogs match before crossbreeding. It leads to several health complications later on, and sometimes it even puts the puppies’ lives in the clutches of death.


Why Must You Adopt?

Adopting puppies is probably the most effective solution, which would help in putting a stop to the increasing number of illegal breeders and puppy mills. Considering pet adoption as an option would benefit both the pet owners as well as the puppies in the longer run. There are a hundred reasons why adopting pet animals would be the best option. Here are a few reasons listed below, which will state why adopting puppies could be the best decision ever:


Save a Life

Pet overpopulation is a rising concern, as not all pet animals can be assured of shelter and food to eat. They end up abandoned on the streets and with no one to take care of them. Most of them do not even make it out alive, as they either meet with fatal death by fighting with the other stray dogs or in road accidents. Doing a good deed by adopting these dogs will only save their lives from potential danger.


They Deserve a Family

Most of the dogs end up in animal shelters, where although they are treated with care and all their needs are attended to, they will still miss out on the affection they will get from a family. These dogs deserve a second chance at life and must get the opportunity to form the same bond that other puppies get to form with their families. The dogs can have an unimaginable impact on the kids and will help in their betterment.


Put an End to Puppy Mills

There are extremely high chances of buying forcibly bred puppies, from the puppy mills. The puppy mills purely function on the profits they make by selling these puppies to unsuspecting buyers, but in the case of animal shelters, it is not possible to find a forcibly bred puppy as there is no money involved in adopting. It is the main reason why it is always recommended that people adopt puppies rather than buying them, as they may be indirectly supporting the puppy mills in some way.



An average cost of dogs in India will cost anywhere between 5000 Rs. to 10,000Rs., but when the same puppies are adopted from an animal shelter, not a single penny will be expected. All they will be expected to do is take proper care of the dogs and tend to their needs. This way, both the dogs as well as the pet owners can get benefitted.


Five Interesting Facts About Puppies!

Puppies are a bundle of energy, which can light up any place with their constant playfulness and charming personality. There is a reason why puppies are most preferred among pet animals when it comes to adoption, it is because they are the most loyal companion anyone could desire. Here are five interesting facts about puppies that have been listed below:


1. Puppies Are Born Blind and Deaf

The puppies are born with their eyes shut close, and their ear canals barely developed. But their senses, such as taste, touch, feel, etc., will not be affected in any way. Because of their blindness and deafness, they will be completely dependent upon their mother for safety and their meals. But in two weeks, their eyes will start to open up, and along with it, their ear canals will also start to develop.


2. Dogs Sweat From Their Paws

It is a surprise to many people that the dog’s sweat glands are located at their paws, and hence they sweat through their paws. During hot summers or humid days, they cool down their body temperature by sweating through their paws. It is the reason why dog owners can often spot wet footprints on the ground.


3. Almost 200 Known Dog Breeds

As stated by the American Kennel Club, there are about 195 known dog breeds in total, as of 2020. There are reportedly seven hunting classes in dogs; Hound dogs, working dogs, terrier dogs, Sport dogs, non-sport dogs, Herding dogs, Toy dogs, etc. It allows a variety of options for dog lovers and adopters to choose the dogs which could match their personalities and lifestyle.


4. Dogs Can Understand Hundreds of Human Words

Dogs are most capable when it comes to training and teaching them commands, as they can learn and understand around 250 words. It makes them almost as smart as a kindergarten child. It is the main reason why most of the pet talent shows are constituted by dogs. They have the capabilities of learning fast with continuous training.


5. Dogs Possess Sensitive Hearing

It is a known fact that dogs have sensitive nostrils, and can detect things by just sniffing at them. But they also possess sensitive hearing, which helps them hunt and prey during night times or, when they are out in the wild. They can hear both high and low-frequency noises, which keeps them on alert all the time. It explains the reason why dogs are used as guarding pets at homes often.


There are more interesting facts, that we bet you weren’t aware of. Developing knowledge about their special characteristics and features will completely change the way you have been looking at your dogs all along.

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